Innovative Projects Of DRC Sponsored By Delhi University Were Showcased In


In a wide-ranging effort to enable students to combine field work with research, students were encouraged under Interdisciplinary Innovation projects to conduct research work outside the classroom, through generous funding from the University of Delhi and structural support provided by the college. For many students this experience has enriched their lives in more ways than one. Combining open – ended personal interviews and observation along with analysis of quantitative data, the students explored various aspects of Indian society.

The six interdisciplinary Innovation projects (DR201-206) sanctioned to the college by the University of Delhi were:

  • Biomarkers of heat and acclimatization.
  • Controlling heavy metal soil pollution by phytoremediation: a greener and sustainable approach.
  • Bio-inspired copper nano-particle and its applications as antibacterial agent.
  • How safe are our detergents: a comparative study and development of biodetergents.
  • Potential of tourism in Delhi and National Capital Region .
  • Developing a framework for e-governance in Daulat Ram College.

The award to Innovative project- How safe are our Detergents: A comparative study and development of bio-detergents, a joint project of Biochemistry and Chemistry Dept. with Principal Investigators: Dr. Meena Khetrapal, Dr. Padashree Mudgal and Dr. Lata Chandra has brought pride to the college as it received “The Best Innovative Idea” amongst all innovative Projects. The four Science departments of the college namely Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry and Zoology were awarded the ‘Star Status’ by Dept. of Biotechnology, GOI. The theme of college display was “EMPOWERED WOMEN ENRICHED NATION”.