The Botany Department at Daulat Ram College has been in existence since 1960 imparting teaching of B.Sc. (Honours) programme in Botany and B.Sc. (Life Sciences). Nurtured by some of the best Botany teachers of the University, the department is recognised for a blend of highest level of academic excellence and extra-curricular activities.
Botany Dept. at the College has well equipped classrooms and laboratories, supplemented by a Museum and Culture Room. Students of the Dept. get opportunities to horn their creative instincts by participating in a number of co-curricular activities of the Botanical Society “Vasundhara”. Under the aegis of “Vasundhara” the Dept. holds activities and competitions like Poster Making, Rangoli, Collage making, Paper Reading, Essay Writing, Debating, Extempore and Quiz contests. The Botanical Society also organises an annual inter-college festival called “Orchidz”. Students get additional exposure through educational trips and excursions to Research Institutes. The Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of S&T, Govt. Of India has accorded the Star College status to Daulat Ram College and Botany Dept. is a proud and integral part of this shared honour.
Enrichment programmes such as workshops, seminars and conferences are organised by the Botany department on a regular basis. The Botany Dept. has successfully completed two Innovation Projects of University of Delhi in collaboration with Chemistry Dept. of the College.