The Department of Economics of Daulat Ram College boasts of an experienced and dedicated Faculty which aims and works for a Holistic development of students. Economics as a branch of social science deals with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. This discipline aims to explain how economies work and economic agents interact in the market. Economic analysis is applied throughout society, in business, finance and government. The department offers Economic Honours programme which is most sought course in University of Delhi. The department also conducts the economics courses of B. Com(Honours), B.Com(Programme) and BA(Programme) as per the guidelines issued from time to time by University of Delhi. The papers and the course offered, aims to provides a theoretical and practical understanding of the core economic principles both, at micro and macro level and enables one to understand what, ‘being developed’ entails in this globalized world and what policy initiatives can be taken to make India a more advanced and developed nation. The department comprises of a team of dedicated faculty members to guide and support students at every stage. The faculty has vast experience in the field of teaching and research, with a number of research papers published in various national and international journals. The department as a whole comprising of both, teachers and students has been one of the most proactive and innovative departments of the college. The department members are also members of the Economics Association, ‘Éclat’ which apart from organising activities like freshers welcome and farewell for the students of Economics, conducts several seminars, national and international conferences to enlighten them about the possible future prospects they may have and to provide them a clear understanding of all the possible post graduate courses that the students can pursue in future. Further, the association organises ‘Mutasir’, a youth conference, in which prominent economists are invited to exchange their ideas on contemporary economic issues. This helps in broadening the scope and understanding of the students regarding the discipline. The association also launches the annual publication ‘Optima’, which is an interesting mosaic of ideas and understanding of various topics of economics, by the students and the faculty members. ... The annual economics festival ‘Economania’, is organised by the association. In the festival, events like debate, paper presentations, MUNs or Modelling United Nations and so on, are conducted to keep up the competitive spirit among the students. Apart from having an Excellent academic result, with students holding University positions, the Department also holds regular training sessions like Model United Nation Conference, in house projects and workshops on SPSS and other software to upgrade usage of Econometric Techniques for research projects. Also, there is active participation of the department in many prominent national and international conferences. Recently, the department organized a national conference on “Income Inequality, Protectionism and International trade in Digital Age: with reference to India”. Further, the department is extremely active in Community and Social Service Activities like Flood Relief Operations etc. The students and the faculty participate in various extracurricular activities across many universities (students are recipients of many prestigious awards and positions). A good teacher student rapport has gone a long way in working successfully as a team on many prestigious projects (for instance Innovation and Star Innovation Projects). Last but not the least there is active participation by the faculty & students in programmes related to women development. Thus, the students are geared up and prepared for other spheres of life like self-defense, social service, skill development and extra-curricular activities, hand in hand with academics. The exposure thus provided by the Department prepares the students to successfully pursue their future aspirations like Masters in Economics, Business Administration, Corporate jobs, Civil Services etc.