The Nutrition & Health Education (NHE) department was set up in 1984, the year in which Delhi University introduced a number of restructured courses in B.A. (Pass) and B.Sc. (Gen). It is the oldest NHE department of the University. Under semester mode, it was offering Nutrition and Health Education (NHE) as a discipline course in B.A. Programme. Under CBCS it would be offering B.A. programme with Nutrition and Health Education. The course will enable the students to understand and apply fundamentals of nutrition and health at the family level and make them aware of the various nutrition and health related problems in the community. This course aims at enriching the minds of the students who have interest in learning finer points of nutrition. The syllabus would cover basic aspects of nutrients, food science, nutrition concerns in various stages of life cycle, food safety, food security as well as open a vast understanding of the current spectrum of malnutrition. The students would be encouraged to develop a scientific temper. This course would equip the students for skill development, academic understanding, entrepreneurship, community role and employment in various fields of food industry, health clinics, NGOs, etc. The department has an ICT enabled foods lab-cum-classroom.