Philosophy, being the mother of all subjects, imparts wisdom and in-depth understanding of the perennial questions arising in human mind. It deals with ethical, (nature of good, duty, utility principles etc.) metaphysical, (Is there a God?, soul?, rebirth? etc.) social and political, (society, justice, rights, power) and logical (correct and incorrect reasoning, validity, invalidity, truth and falsity etc) issues that are central to our existence. Subjects such as Ancient Indian Philosophy, Western Logic, Social and Political Philosophy, Greek Philosophy, Contemporary Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Religion are part of the curriculum. Philosophy provides higher understanding skills and art of reasoning, analysis and synthesis that are crucial to the process of knowledge acquisition. It also provides the students with the knowledge of ancient Indian culture, a balanced view of life and relationships with surroundings. The subject has a large scope for higher learning in the field of law, computer application, corporate world, journalism, environmental field, administrative and civil services.