Physics Department of DRC is 41 years old and has well equipped laboratory and a well stocked library. Physics is basic among all natural sciences. Physics encompasses the study of universe from largest galaxies to smallest subatomic particles. The course is designed to develop among students analytical, quantitative and problem solving skills. A physicist has the ability to synthesize and analyze large quantity of data and present their analysis in an easily understandable form. The larges skill a physics student develops is a sense of wonder about how thing works. These are valuable skills that can be applied in a range of careers. More importantly an increasing number of employers are starting to analyze this fact and looking to hire physics graduates. After graduating with physics students are absorbed in Research institutes, Academics as teachers and professors, scientists, industries such as semiconductor, electronics, analog instrumentation industries, Defence and banking sectors. Other conventional service sectors are also open to these graduates. From academic session 2017-18 college has started Honours in Physics