As a discipline, Political Science engages the student to debate, argue, interrogate and contest the historical processes of change in contemporary times. There is constant effort on the part of the teachers and students to rigorously analyse the complexities of the issues and dilemmas that are critical in society. The course curriculum provides an in-depth understanding of Political Theory and Ideas, International Relations and the Global World Order, Comparative Politics and Political Systems, Indian Politics and the Administrative State apart from many other fields. An inter-disciplinary perspective makes it possible to work towards the development of a 'Creative Theory' that questions reality. The study of Political Science opens avenue for entry into careers in Teaching and Research, Civil Services, Management, Journalism, Law, NGOs, and other agencies with a focus on Gender Studies, Human Rights, Development,
REPUBLICA, the Political Science Association has been active in orienting students towards the discipline as well as providing them a forum to engage in critical issues and explore the comprehensive understanding of the political discourse.
The faculty has dedicated and experienced teachers who take intellectual freedom seriously to mediate between knowledge and society. The department offers B.A. Honours Course in Political Science. It also offers Discipline Centred Courses, Foundation Courses and Application Course to enable students to rethink, reinterpret, reconceptualise and theories the dominant.