The discipline of Psychology provides in-depth understanding of various aspects of human behavior and personality. Psychologists are constantly evolving new approaches and techniques to adapt to the changing needs of contemporary societies and cultures. The course(s) offered by the Psychology department provide exposure to its diverse fields such as Introduction to Psychology, Individual differences, Bio-Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology,Research Methods, Psychology of Health and wellbeing, Health Psychology, Understanding Psychological Distress , Counselling Psychology and Developmental Psychology. The study of Psychology opens avenues for careers in Counselling, Clinical and Organizational settings, teaching and research. It also helps to prepare for careers in Civil services, HRM, Social Work, Advertising and Media. The department has a history of over four decades offers degree courses at Bachelor levels. The department is well-equipped with state-of-art laboratories , latest psychological tests,softwares and equipment for conducting research and writing publications. It has an active Psychology Association which organizes several academic and co-curricular activities including an annual festival “Psyquest” and a Departmental magazine ”PsyTrack”. The dedicated faculty uses latest teaching methods such as multimedia presentations, role-play and experiential training. Our faculty also actively participates in academics pursuits such as publication of research papers, attending conferences and supervising doctoral works. In keeping with the demands of the contemporary world and the emphasis on skills, the department regularly organizes skill development and value engagement courses.