About the Department


The Nutrition & Health Education (NHE) department was set up in 1984, the year in which Delhi University introduced a number of restructured courses in B.A. (Pass) and B.Sc. (Gen). It is the oldest NHE department of the University.

Under UGCF-2022 based on NEP 2020, it is offering B.A. Programme with Nutrition and Health Education (NHE). The courses are a part of a multidisciplinary programme of study where the student studies two core disciplines. The department is offering both Major and Non-major papers of NHE.

The Core (DSC) and Elective (DSE) papers will equip the students to develop an inclusive and multidimensional understanding of the fundamentals of nutrition, food science, well-being and lifestyle, nutritional concerns in various age groups, food safety, food hygiene and sanitation, food and nutrition security as well as other aspects of nutrition. This programme lays the foundations for appropriate skill development, academic understanding, entrepreneurship, community engagement and employment. The students can fetch jobs in nutrition based programs of the country/ NGOs/ fitness and wellness centres, and can engage in nutrition counselling, programme planning, implementation as well as monitoring and surveillance. They can be initiators of a cascade effect by being trainer of the trainers for spreading nutrition related awareness among the masses as well as in promoting capacity building of individuals and communities across segments of the society for social/ economic empowerment. In addition, the students will be equipped to set up a small scale food enterprise or can engage in writing food blogs etc. The department also plans to teach one or more of the Skill enhancement Courses (SECs) approved by the University.

The department has one temporary lab.
Faculty: Pooja Jain M.Sc, Ph.D (incharge)

Priyanka Verma M.Sc