Placement Cell

About Us

With the motto of “Maximizing stellar growth”, the Placement Cell of Daulat Ram College, Vriddhi constitutes a diligent and dedicated team of students and teachers who strive to provide the best possible career opportunities to deserving students. Vriddhi, signifying development and enhancement, works tirelessly throughout the year for the overall growth and development of the students and guides them for their future career prospects. The Placement cell provides both on-campus and off-campus opportunities to the students for recruitment and internship drives.

The team comprises of eight core members and is assisted by an efficient and dedicated group of sixteen Heads and eleven Senior Executives. The Placement Cell offers positions of Joint Secretary and Junior Executives to first-year students so that they can be a part of the team from the beginning itself.

The Placement cell organizes its Annual Career and Internship Fair called ‘Incrementum’. It also organizes seminars/webinars and workshops throughout the year on topics like CV Building, Placement Training, Financial Awareness, Career Building after Graduation, and Opportunities Abroad for the holistic development of the students to enhance their practical knowledge about the corporate world.


To avail the recruitment and internship opportunities and attend any webinar/seminar/workshop and to avail any other facility provided by The Placement Cell, students of all the years need to register and get a Placement Cell code. The process for the same is given below:

Step1:- Go to our Instagram Bio or our Linktree
Step2:- Apply for the Placement Cell Code
Step3:- Receive the Code through an E-mail (within 3-4 days)
Step4:- Apply for the opportunities using the Code

For further details and notifications, follow us on:
Facebook- Placementcelldrcdu
Instagram- Ipcelldrc
LinkedIn- The Placement Cell, Daulat Ram College
Linktree- https://linktr.ee/PlacementCellDRC
Or write to us at- placementcelldrcdu@gmail.com