The College has active and vibrant societies for cultural activities in drama, debate, fine arts, music and environment related activities. A student is required to register herself in one of the following Societies:

1.Debating Society-The Debating society of DRC provides a forum through which students can hone their oratory and analytical skills while learning to work as a team, optimize available resources and organize exciting events, often on a mega scale. “Daulat Ram Memorial Debate” is one of the major annual inter-college event to debate on relevant issues.

2. Dramatics Society- The Dramatics society provides platform to showcase the talent of students in acting .It organizes annual college play under the supervision of famous directors. The street play team of the college actively represents the college in inter college competitions.

3. Fine Arts Society -The Fine Arts Society of the college is actively involved in various art related activities at the inter and intra college level. We organize various workshops on variety of art forms, best of waste, flower making, card making; art competitions in painting, sketching, poster making, caligraphy, oil, pastels and acrylic painting; and an annual paintings exhibition.

4. Film and Photography Society- Films are very much part of our life. They reflect the mirror image of the society and portray our culture and traditions .With this thought, the film and photography society of the College is making an effort to connect and motivate the students to do things with a difference and shoot with a camera. Apart from screening the films for students the society organizes photography exhibitions, various competitions, workshops, photowalks etc. The society also organizes various trips for the students to give an exposure to observe and learn the technicalities of handling the camera like visit to Vintage camera museum, historical monuments etc.


Western Dance Society (Zenith)- “To watch them dance is to hear their hearts speak” ZENITH the western dance society of the college is an established society, renowned all over Delhi university for its coordination, Bollywood chunks and use of props. The society has represented the college in various competitions and has brought laurels to the college.

Music Society (Alahyaa)- The music society of the College, ‘Alahyaa’ was named after a morning raga, meaning beginning. Established in 2012, the society provides a strong platform to young musicians to explore their creative abilities and showcase their talent. They were also adjudged as the ‘second best music society’ by DU beat.

Classical Dance Society (Annhad)- The Classical Dance society ‘Annhad’ of the College aims to further spread the joy and wonder of the 8 Indian classical dance forms.Every fest season the society makes a sincere endeavor, participating in classical dance competitions and functions across the university of Delhi and brings back laurels to the college.

6. Gandhi Study Circle- The Gandhi Study Circle provides an active platform to the students to express diverse opinions on different topics, going beyond mere promotion of Gandhian values. It organizes lectures, seminars, plays and Quizzes centered on Gandhian thought.

7. Quiz Society - The main objective of Quiz Society is to make student believe tKnowledge is endless’ and ‘Learning is a continuous process’. It will encourage student to expand their knowledge in multidimensional areas that may or may not be related to academics but crucial for the personality development in a holistic manner. The society will organize Quizzes from time to time to help learning with joy and fun.

8. Poetry Society (IMAGISM )- “Poetry is the elixir of life.”
The bilingual poetry society of Daulat Ram college is an active organization of students who are budding poets and have a keen sense of poetic appreciation. The society organizes an annual fest—OPA, including events like kavi sammelan, Poetry writing competitions etc. Established poets have also graced the occasion in the past, making it a success.

9. Environment/Eco Club- Dhara, the eco club of Daulat Ram College is an active club with total membership of 35 students. It is an active club which has organised total of 7 activities in this academic year under the supervision of Dr. Meenakshi Thakur, the convener of the club and the support of respected principle ma’am.


Even in this age of electronics, we use a lot of paper and paperboard each year. Paper and paper products can be recycled to a great extent than any other waste product. The advantages of recycling paper include saving energy, water and landfill space, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The recycled fiber is a sustainable, cost-saving resource for making new paper products as well. At Daulat Ram College, the paper recycling unit has been very active, encouraging students to recycle their waste papers from old notebooks, newspapers, assignments and files on their own. The recycled paper is then used for making an array of handmade things that are sold at various stalls on different occasions. The medley of handmade bags, envelops, gift wrapping papers and handmade sheets available are an output of the diligent efforts of the teachers and members only. The above picture depicts artifacts prepared by students on recycled paper


The best out of the waste was organized in the Daulat Ram College on 15th February 2017. The aim behind organizing this event was to evoke the creative and innovative thinking among the students. This provided the participants a platform to showcase their talent in recasting the waste to things with great utility. The products were very innovative, original and prolific. The products include pen holder, photo frames and much more decorative items. Certificate along with cash prize to the winners were given for encouragement.


One of the arguments that environmentalists use against present lifestyle and fossil consumption is that these activities are "unnatural" or that they "go against nature”, but, preserving the environment in a human-friendly state like the one where we evolved won't bring us back to nature either — it will simply make the Earth really comfortable for us and our fellow life forms. WE JUST CANNOT GO BACK TO NATURE. An inter college debate was being organised by the DHARA CLUB where the students came up such arguments that could put anyone into thinking can we 'actually' ever go back to nature or not. Whether we preserve the environment with enormous, futuristic climate-control machines or by leaving the cities for tribal life, we are doing natural things on a natural world that is in a natural state. There is no nature to return to. We are already here.


The poster making competition was organised in the college on 5th October, 2016. The theme was any environment issue along with its solution. Students came in huge numbers and showed active participation. The winning posters were displayed on the notice boards. Certificates along with cash prizes were given. Their ideas were unique and creative. The students expressed their ideas on various topics like Global warming, Environment Pollution, Climatic Change etc. and also gave great ideas to curb them. The event turned out to be a successful one.


The excessive use of crackers destroy our environment and in addition to that it creates noise pollution that harms not only us but the animals too. Dhara club organised an online SLOGAN WRITING COMPETITION in order to spread awareness among everyone to SAY NO TO CRACKERS. The competition was held successfully and the winners were awarded. The slogans were also used in the Say no to crackers awareness campaign.


Our college has a huge variety of plants, flowers and herbs. In fact, we have our own herbal garden. So the idea was to make the students aware of facts about these plants, including their history, medicinal usage etc., and for that, we were privileged to have Dr. Om Prakash Vidyarthi, Director, Ecology, environment and remote sensing, J&K govt., Srinagar. He was accompanied by Dr. Narendra Singh. The event was organised on October 6, 2016 in herbal garden. The students, not only from science departments, but also from various other department came in numbers and interacted with him. The event turned out to be very informative and useful for students.

Co-curricular Activities

9.National Sports Organisation(N.S.O.)(Physical Education)- Physical Education Department provides sports facilities to all students of the college. They are encouraged to participate in sports activities and even represent the college in games of their interest. Sports Meet for Freshers is organised every year in first term aimed to explore sports talent among first year students, and to orient/induct them to sports culture of the college.

10.National Service Scheme(N.S.S.)- The NSS Unit of Daulat Ram College focuses on involvement of students in various acvies of social service and naonal development which makes a contribuon to socio economic progress of the naon. It also provides opportunies to the students to understand the problems of the communies, to generate social consciousness and inculcate in them a sense of dignity of labour. Our volunteers work to ensure that anyone who is needy gets help to enhance their standard of living and lead a life of dignity. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to students in delivering community service by organizing Blood Donaon Camps to create a healthy society and to sensize the youth to work for the same, Internaonal Yoga Day to imbibe Yoga in their lifestyle, Self-Defence training programme in collaboraon with Delhi Police to enable girls to defend themselves when in need, Not-for-profit Diwali Mela in which stalls have been put up by under privileged, various NGOs and women entrepreneurs to showcase their products, Senior Cizen Day to demonstrate our gratude and raise awareness about the factors and issues affecng senior cizens, Aagaaz-the Social Annual fest of NSS DRC is a plaorm to raise the voice on the social issues, Cleanliness Drives, Awareness Drives to sensize students about problems of Divyang Students, Walkathons for Fit India, and many more. Volunteers who complete 120, 200 or 300 hours of social service in an academic session are awarded merit cerficates.

NSS Programme Officer: Ms. Preeti Singh .

11.NCC – National Cadet Corps (JAZBA) Naonal Cadets Corps at Daulat Ram College (DRC) offers smulated and disciplined adventure to its cadets, we strongly adhere to the moo ‘Unity and Discipline’. Under the guidance of Dr Suparna Jain Thakur, caretaker for NCC at our college the company of 160 cadets are achieving new heights.Every year the cadets acvely parcipate in various naonal camps and compeons, such as Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC), Advanced Learning Camp (ALC), Thal Sainik Camp (TSC) and Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat (EBSB) to name a few. Cadets of DRC have been securing gold medal in CATC from past many years. Our cadets also get the opportunity to parcipate in trekking camps such as Kanchan Surya Darjelling Baghan Sikkim Trek and Ajmer Trek. On 4th February, 2020, two of our cadets, JUO Anjali Kapasia and JUO Shru Sakral were felicitated by Lt Governor Mr Anil Baijal for their commendable performance in NCC. At DRC we also organise an annual NCC fesval – Buland which incorporates Inter College compeons. It provides our cadets an opportunity for healthy compeon and to display their talents and skills NCC Caretaker: Dr. Suparna Jain Thakur

Other Activities

Cultural Activities

Every student is required to participate in the Cultural Activities of the college which provides ample opportunities for students to develop their potential and to express their talents in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Pragati: Women Development Cell (2015-16) Pragati, the Women Development Cell of the college, firmly believes in making women empowered in terms of self-esteem, personality and character. It provides a platform for students where they can give an expression to their thoughts and ideas on women empowerment. The hues and shades of the students’ creativity and talents perfectly synchronized with guidance of a dedicated team of teachers, gives it depth and character. Pragati aims to generate awareness and educate the students on women rights, status, health and empowerment. The activities of the centre includes seminars, workshops, lectures, debates, essay writing and poster making contests, field trips, film making, film screenings, street plays, graffiti, pledge walks etc. Glimpses of the activities organized by the cell, in the last year, include, self-defence training workshops in association with women cell of Delhi Police, collection drives in association with the NGO- “Goonj”, workshop on child sexual abuse in association with “Rahi Foundation”, “The Teach India Campaign”, in association with “The Times Of India and British Council”, “I am Shakti Movement” with the “India Today Group” etc. The prime objective of the WDC is to sensitize the students and enable them to put forth their views on persisting gender discrimination and sexual violence plaguing our society today. Pragati is a tribute to the underlying spirit and resilience of a woman as its focus is on making every student in the college “Saksham”, or “complete” in all respects. It is a fabric wherein the genius and prowess of students and efforts by teachers, is woven together, to add a tinge of “That something”, that is enormous and inextricable. An inter- college choreography competition by the name of “Saksham” was conducted with Dr. Kiran Bedi, RJ Naved from radio Mirchi, among others as chief guests. The program was a huge success and witnessed a lage no. of participations from various colleges and univrisities. This year also we have maintained the legacy, through focusing on one of the most important aspects of women development – Health. An awareness workshop on breast and cervical cancer by Max Superspeciality Hospital was organized for the college students and teachers. Two eminent doctors, explained the causes of cancer, and the changes in daily routine that will help to avoid this problem. The workshop fetched a remarkable footfall, and was a step towards our aim of women development. On the occasion of international women’s day (8th March 2016) , a panel discussion on women issues was conducted with panelists such as Nirbhaya’s parents, national digital head of Dainik Jagran and eminent theatre personality. The Goonj collection cart was flagged off. A short documentary film “ Jagriti” shot by members of the WDC, was also screened. This film was later screened in various schools and colleges of Delhi and NCR. An interactive blog by the name of ‘Navjeevani” was also inaugurated. The inaugural edition of a multidisciplinary book by the name of “Shrestha, volume 1 with ISBN number ” was launched on the annual day of the college. The faculty and students of all departments of the college contributed research articles relating their subjects to women issues. Thus, Pragati echoes our commitment to empower women of 21st century and to sensitise the youth about the same.
Malini Sharma (convenor, WDC, 2015-16)

North East Cell

The North East India comprising the eight states: Arunachal, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura : blessed with bountiful Biodiversity are referred to by many as 'Nature's' abode and a traveller's pride. However, being thrown across the farthest reaches of the rest of India by geographical patterns leading to socio-economic isolation, many of us are not aware of this God's natural gift. The government of India has/is taken/taking up initiatives to tackle the issue. Within the purview of the Government of India's initiative to bring North East India closer to the mainland India, the Committee for the North East and consequently the North East Cell of Daulat Ram College was established in 2014 under the direction of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and University of Delhi. The cell, in keeping with the essence, every year organizes an event where the students would get the opportunity to showcase their talent and lustrous culture since its inception.

Nodal Officer: Ms. Anna Senrung, Assistant Professor, Zoology Department, DRC

Enabling Unit

Enabling Unit is committed to provide assistance to differently-abled students and staff members to enable them to participate fully in the academic, intellectual, social and cultural life of the College, University and beyond by organizing workshops, talks, training programmes, cultural activities and competitions providing assistive devices like ABRAR to visually challenged students and writers during examination time.

Spic Macay

Spic Macay stands for Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture amongst Youth. It is a voluntary movement founded in 1977 by Prof. Dr. Kiran Seth. The movement enriches the quality of formal education by increasing awareness about different aspects of Indian heritage & inspiring the young mind to imbibe the values embedded in it. It organizes more than 4000 programs every year in school & colleges. Daulat Ram College re-opened its chapter with an orientation program addressed by Prof. Kiran Seth himself. It was followed by two performances on two separate occasions by great artistes like Padmashri Ms. Geeta Chandran ji for Bharatnatyam and Padma Vibhshan Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia ji for Flute recital. There was an overwhelming response on both the occasions being attended by hall packed with students; teaching & non-teaching staff from the college and many other outsiders

Student Union

Every student is a member of the College Student Union. Participation in student union activities is an opportunity for training in organisational skills and democratic leadership. Every year Elections are held in the month of August/September for the following posts for which nominations are invited from the students. (For eligibility conditions the Convener, Student Advisory Board should be consulted.) President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Proctor, and Cultural Secretary.
The Student Union is expected to take active part in the organisation of all college functions and activities. It contributes immensely in making the campus life of the college more meaningful and memorable. The important activities organised by the Union are Freshers Talent Contest and other inter-college events. For participation in inter-college activities the students should contact the Union Office Bearers.