About the Department

About the Department

The discipline of Psychology provides an in -depth understanding of various aspects of human behaviour and personality. Psychologists are constantly evolving new approaches and techniques to adapt to the changing needs of contemporary society. The subject provides exposure to its diverse fields such as Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Understanding Psychological Disorders, Health Psychology, Bio Psychology and Developmental Psychology. The study of Psychology opens avenues for Careers in Counselling, Clinical and Organizational settings, teaching and research. It also helps to prepare for careers in Civil Services, HRM, Social Work, Advertising and Media.

The department which has a history of over five decades is well-equipped with state-of-art laboratories, latest psychological tests and equipment. It has an active Psychology Association which organizes several academic and co- curricular activities including Conferences and a Departmental magazine “PsyTrack”. The department is also the first in the University to have a ‘Psychology Resource Centre’ which is actively involved in working towards positive self- development, mental health enhancement, etc. The Counselling Centre is also being run in the department for students, teaching and non-teaching staff. The dedicated faculty uses the latest teaching methods such as multimedia preparations, role- play and experimental training. Our faculty also actively participates in academic pursuits such as publication of research papers, attending conferences and supervising doctoral work. In keeping with the demands of the contemporary world and the emphasis on skills, the department regularly organizes skill development and value engagement programs.

Across the academic year of 2021-22, the Psychology Department Association of Daulat Ram College organized various events, webinars and workshops.

As a means of celebrating the success of women in the field of psychology, the association organised a two-day event, “Women in Psychology: Rehabilitation and Therapizing Through Art” on 11th and 12th March 2021. On 12th March 2021, Ms Avantika Malhautra conducted a workshop on Expressive Art Therapy.On 26th march 2021, Dr. Pooja V Anand, conducted a workshop on ‘Resilience: Ordinary Magic.’ A total of 55 students and 10 faculty members took part in it.

From 16th July to 19th July 2021, a SPSS and publishing research workshop was conducted under Dr. Suparna Jain Thakur and Dr. Deepesh Rathore in which 41 students participated. On 15th September, 2021, under Centre for Well-being and flourishing, earlier positive psychology center, Dr. Pooja V. Anand conducted “Positive conversations 2.0: Igniting the H.E.R.O. within.”The Psychology Resource center organized a series of events in the academic year. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the Mental Health Centre under the Psychology Resource Centre of Daulat Ram College arranged several events on the 7th of October, 2021.The Psychology Resource center organized a series of events in the academic year. From 13-20th December 2021, the department organized a program on Health, wellbeing and productivity and Capacity building. The resource persons for the program were Dr. Sarita Nanda, Dr. Renu Kishore, Dr. Meetu Khosla, Dr. Rajni Sahni, Dr. Pooja V Anand, Dr. Deepesh Rathore, Ms. Binusha joycell, Dr. Kshitija Wason and, Dr. Kavita Sharma. A total of 25 non-teaching faculty also participated.

The Value Engagement Centre organized the 7th Value Engagement program on “Values for Flourishing” from 1st December 2021 to 3rd February 2022 under the convenorship of Dr. Meetu Khosla. A total of 70 students from first year from various departments of Daulat Ram College participated in the 30-hour program on various values pertaining to enhancing mental, physical, social and cognitive health and wellbeing. The Mental Health Centre, along with the Value Engagement Program, organized the ADS -II “A(awareness) D(De Stigmatization) S (Seeking Help) Campaign II: Promoting, Enhancing and maintaining Mental health”, “A True Health Initiative'' under the convenorship of Dr Meetu Khosla in February 2022 providing training to more than 200 students from various departments of the college in three interactive sessions. Positive conversations 2.0: Igniting the HERO within was organized by the Centre for Wellbeing and Flourishing Centre and SDP on qualitative analysis and SPSS were organized by the Capacity Building Centre.