College Profile Mission and Vision



The Daulat Ram College is enshrined in its motto "Salvation through knowledge" i.e to disseminate knowledge in science, commerce and liberal arts among girls to make them empowered and to enriched women capable of bringing social change.


The goals and objectives are to educate, implement, engage, inculcate and instill in them right values with modern education which will develop their personality and interpersonal skills.


Daulat Ram College is a premier educational institution in Delhi founded by an educationist late Shri Daulat Ram Gupta in 1960. It is a prestigious women’s college engaged in imparting liberal education to women. The college, a large constituent college of the University of Delhi, originally started as “Pramila College” at 22, Tilak Marg with thirteen members of teaching and two non-teaching staff with about 350 students. In 1964, the college shifted to its present premises in North Delhi University campus and was

renamed as Daulat Ram College. The institution has since grown into a full-fledged extended college of University of Delhi. The college has acquired a strong identity and has evolved into a prestigious women’s college with its own distinct culture and traditions. It imparts education towards degrees at the bachelor’s level in arts, commerce and science and Masters level in arts.

The courses in science were introduced in 1968 which led to the construction of the science block and well-equipped science laboratories. The commerce and M.A. courses in many subjects, as well as new courses in B.A. (H) and B.A. (Pass) were added subsequently. Further expansion of the college took place with the introduction of B.Sc. (H) in Biochemistry, Chemistry and

Mathematics, addition of Nutrition and health Education (NHE) and Office Management and secretarial practice (OMSP) and subjects in B.A. (Pass). The college building which was constructed in the 1960s was further expanded to cater to the growing needs of the students. A new block of tutorial rooms, a modern seminar hall, new class rooms and science laboratories for Physics, NHE and Biochemistry were added. Subsequently, a computer lab open to all students with an internet facility was added. Currently the college has add-on courses in foreign languages. At present there are 19 departments with about 4200 students on rolls, about 180 teaching staff and 75 non-teaching staff. The college has a well-equipped computerized library, facility for gymnastics, table tennis, athletics and other games and holds leading positions both in academics and sports. Recently a well equipped Conference Hall with a capacity of 200 students has been built. The college holds a leading position both in academics as well as in co-curricular activities such as dramatics, music, debates and sports. Students can participate in various societies, N.S.S., Sports and N.C.C. To help the students to cope with the new environment of the college and many other contemporary issues & problems, the Psychology Department runs a Counseling Centre. The In-House Skill Development Programmes being offered by the college equip the students to deal with daily challenges and create an identity for themselves. The highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty of the college is not just limited to classroom teaching but also in taking up various prestigious research projects from organizations like DRDO, ICSSR, UGC,University of Delhi, etc. where the students also get an opportunity to work. The college student’s hostel capacity of nearly 204 students is one of the best maintained in the University of Delhi. The college boasts of a modern auditorium named Sadbhavana Bhawan is ideally suited for theatre activities with a large cast. All-in-all, the college provides a holistic experience to its students, by working on their intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.