Daulat Ram College Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Daulat Ram College works with the vision and mission of upgrading and maintaining quality of the holistic development of students. It aims to improve the quality of teaching, co- curricular and extra-curricular activities of the college. To achieve this goal, it makes an academic calendar at the beginning of the academic session to schedule the academic teaching, examinations, and the various types of activities which students can plan to participate in, throughout the year.

These activities include the Skill Development Programmes (SDPs) which are designed to impart additional professional skills to the students. These are scheduled during the vacations so that students can comfortably attend them. Besides this, students also learn about various workshops, conferences, seminars, talks and panel discussions which are organized by the college during the academic year so that they can plan their participation in the events. The IQAC (Academic Session 2023-24) comprises of the following members:

Prof. Savita Roy- Principal

Prof. Sarita Nanda- Vice Principal

Prof. Rajni Sahni- Coordinator

Dr. Kavita Sharma – Faculty Member

Prof. Padamshree Mudgal - Faculty Member

Prof. Meetu Khosla- Faculty Member

Dr. V. Sujata Raju - Faculty Member

Prof. Suranjita Ray- Faculty Member

Dr. Deepshikha Mahanta Bortamuly - Faculty Member

Dr. Manisha Jaiswal - Faculty Member

Mr. Pawan Tripathi - Librarian

Prof. Rekha Saxena - Member, Governing Body

Dr. Kavita Sharma -Member, Governing Body

Mr. Arun Kapoor - Member, Governing Body

Mr. Subhash Chand Gupta - Director, Mother's Pride

Mr. Himanshu Chadha - Director, Aaryanveda

Mr. Mohinder Kumar, Assistant Director, Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI (Parent of Ms. Harika, Student, Department of Mathematics)

Ms. Vijayta Rana – Sr. P A to Principal

Ms. Veena Ralli - Alumni (Lawyer)

Ms. Ananya Rai - President, Student Union

Ms. Srishti - President, NSS

IQAC Minutes
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  2. IQAC Minutes 2017-18
  3. IQAC Minutes 2018-19
  4. IQAC Minutes 2019-20
  5. IQAC Minutes 2020-21
  6. IQAC Minutes 2021-22
  7. IQAC Minutes 2022-23
  8. IQAC Minutes 2023-24