Alahyaa (Music Society)



The Music & Dance Society provides a platform to students to showcase and enhance their talent in various forms of music and dance such as classical, western and folk. It provides opportunities to students to prepare and perform in different events and competition at various colleges and institutions. The society is divided into four different societies:

Music Society (ALAHYAA)

ALAHYAA, the Indian Music Society of Daulat Ram College was started in 2012 by Bharti Sharma and Sukriti Agnihotri who together with an amazing amalgamation of talented vocalists and instrumentalists, formed an Indian music choir. In 2013, with the help of Shri Vidya Bhaskar, they composed an Indian classical piece for the choir. Since then, the society has been growing tremendously and is one of the best Indian Music Societies of Delhi University circuit and working tirelessly for the promotion of Indian Classical music among youth. Before the pandemic ALAHYAA prepared Raag Bageshree which was much appreciated. The last year was difficult but the society members strove hard and participated and won in several virtual solo and duet events.

Convenor(Classical) : Dr. Sonika Sharma