Pramila – Annual College Publication
Pramila,the annual magazine/journal of Daulat Ram College ,is a constructive and collective endeavour of the students and faculty both and aims at enhancing creative, imaginative as well as analytical faculties of the students by providing them a platform to express their experiences and thoughts on varied issues. The magazine is a reservoir of various kind\expressions in various literary forms be it – fictional e.g. stories, articles, poetry etc. or non-fictional e.g. essays, interviews etc.The magazine is in sync with the multilingual, multicultural identity of the country as well as the college and has three sections for English, Hindi & Sanskrit. Being a tradition as old as the college itself, this journal also acknowledges the fine works of writing by awarding them annually.
Dr. Sunita K. Yadav, Editor in Chief, PRAMILA.
Teacher Advisors : Ms Vandana (English)
Dr. Sangya Upadhyaya (Hindi)
Dr. Sushma Devi (Sanskrit)
2020-21 Pramila Photo to be added
2019-20 Pramila Photo to be added
Shreshtha - Annual Magazine of WDC, DRC.
Dr. Anita Garg Mangla (Advisor & Convener, Shreshtha)
Dr. Kusum Lata, Editor, Hindi Section
Dr. Violina Borah, Editor, English Section