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Capacity Building Program on “Health, Well-being and Productivity”

The Psychology resource centre organized Capacity Building Program that was envisioned to provide training about life skills to the non-teaching members of Daulat Ram College. The program covered a wide range of topics which focused around the notion of health and wellbeing, how it could be enhanced, along with discussing the relevance of naturopathy in health and wellbeing. Various interactive workshops were organized highlighting the need to develop compassion, resilience and managing stress through relaxation techniques. Further, deliberations were made on exploring happiness and regulating emotions to promote wellbeing. There were various sessions on managing time, effective communication skills, and how to make work more meaningful while increasing productivity. A total of 12 sessions were organized from December 13 to December 20th 2021 spanning over 40 hours. The program was conceived to encourage the staff members explore their potentials and develop skills to enhance their psychological, social, emotional and organizational capacities.

  • Convenor: Dr. Rajni Sahni
  • Convenor: Dr. Meetu Khosla
  • Course Coordinator: Dr. Deepesh Rathore
  • Duration with dates: 13/12/2021 to 20/12/2021
  • Number of participants (from DRC): 25 non-teaching staff from DRC
  • Duration of the course: 45 hours

  • • Workshops and interactive sessions, role plays, presentations and mix media were used to involve the students to develop skills to enhance their wellbeing.
  • • Participants were involved in activities and small experiential exercises.
  • • Participants were taught observation skills related to developing happiness, physical and mental health.
  • • Feedback was taken after the program to know about the effectiveness of sessions and if any improvements were required.

Evaluation of Course effectiveness:

Feedback was taken to assess the effectiveness of the workshops on various psycho-social indicators such as resource person’s knowledge, organization of the workshop, whether the program objectives were met.

Learning Outcomes:

The participants:

  • 1. Learnt the set of skills that would be effective in developing healthy emotions, regulating the negative emotions and constructively using them for their mental wellbeing and health.
  • 2. Enabled participants to develop capacity that would make their lives happier by managing stress.
  • 3. Enhanced their ability for changing their life style for healthier life through relaxation techniques.
  • 4. Developed skills to counter mental health issues.
  • 5. Learned the techniques of effective communication.
  • 6. Acquired knowledge for improving mental health by building resilience, compassion, happiness and self-esteem.
  • 7. Learned ways to manage time effectively and making work more meaningful.