Programmes Offered

Programmes Offered

Discipline Specific Core Course (DSC): These are Core Papers in Zoology. These are typically offered to student’s who wants to specialize or major in Zoology (Hons). The courses have been designed to give students an in-depth knowledge of the theories, concepts, and practical activities/experience in Zoology.

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Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Courses: These are Elective Papers in Zoology. These courses are mandatory for students having Core papers in Zoology to major in Zoology (Hons). In case a student from other discipline specific course opts for DSE in Zoology, it will be treated as Generic Elective (GE) for that student.

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Generic Elective (GE): These are Elective Papers in Zoology meant to provide multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary education to students. The courses have been designed to give students an in-depth knowledge of the theories, concepts, and practical activities/experience in Zoology. This is opened/offered to students from various disciplines of study excluding students majoring in Zoology (Hons).

If a student wants to major in Zoology, in four years, a student will have to study the following number of DSCs, DSEs and GEs:

Total DSC papers: 20

Total DSE paper options: 10 (minimum to be chosen is 4)

Total GE paper options: 10 (minimum to be chosen is 4)

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Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC): Skill development courses imparts life skills as well as professional skill of a student who pursue undergraduate programme. Pool of Skill enhancement courses provide domain of different kind of skills to the students such as communication, computer related skill, coding skill, financial management skill etc. with higher degree of hands on learning which is suitable to the academic path they choose.

Department Of Zoology has taken incentives in providing first-hand knowledge in the field of fish biology under skill enhancement courses. The Department has adopted to give training of four skill enhancement courses which are run by Ms. Rohini Arya the courses are namely Aquaculture and Entrepreneurship, Ornamental fish culture, Fish feed formulation, Fish breeding and Larviculture. The ongoing papers impart knowledge from building up an aquarium from glass to its assemblage and equipments, maintains the ornamental fishes in healthy conditions, formulation of their feeds, fish breeding and also color enhancement of ornamental fish. We are also priming students from other Delhi University Colleges.

The lab is successfully running two big and four small aquariums with fish namely Koi Carp, Polar parrot fish, Angel fish, Molly fish, Platy fish, Beta fish, many varieties of gold fish, many varieties of ornamental danios, White Albano tiger sharks, and Guppy fish. The lab has also successfully bred Molly fish. Students if interested can also start their own enterprise.

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Value Addition Course (VAC): Value Addition Courses (VACs) seek to fulfil the mandate of providing holistic education to the students. The Value Addition Courses will introduce students to the rich heritage of the nation as well as to important social concerns of the current times, helping them to make connections between what they learn and how they live. The courses have a sound theoretical base as well as appropriate hands-on components. At the same time, they clearly set out measurable and attainable Learning Outcomes. The Value Addition courses will inspire and guide them in their journey of personal and professional development making them thoughtful, well-rounded, and creative individuals, with a sense of service and responsibility towards the Nation.

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