Botanical Society – “Vasundhara”

The activities of Botanical Society “Vasundhara” are initiated every year at the beginning of the new academic session by conducting the election for the posts of its office bearers. The society formally starts with an inaugural lecture on “Our Nature and Wildlife Heritage: Past, Present & Future ” by one of our bright alumnae Ms. Radha Sharma, Co-founder and Director, Earth Calling Expeditions, Mylapore, Chennai.

The speaker shared her inspiring personal experiences about wildlife safari’s. She highlighted major issues related to Tiger conservation and importance of tigers as Umbrella species in forest ecosystems. With an aim of knowledge enhancement and holistic development of students, various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as Paper Presentation, Botanical Quiz, Nature through lens, Botanical Rangoli, Phytodiversity, Sketching Competition are organized throughout the year. The annual inter-college botanical festival “Orchidz” is celebrated with great fervour that receives active and overwhelming participation from the students across Delhi University.

The most important event of the fest is Paper Reading Competition for rolling Deepika Vigyan Trophy. Another highlight of the society is the publication of its annual magazine LIANA, compilation of articles contributed by students and faculty.