Laboratory Staff


The Department has well equipped, projector fitted, air conditioned four Laboratories, Museum, Culture room with tissue culture facility, and a Botanical garden.


Department of Botany having four laboratories, which are well maintained and equipped with all essentials required like PCR machine, Spectrophotometer, Gel Electrophoresis units (Horizontal), UV Transilluminator, BOD incubator, Plant growth chambers, Table Top Centrifuges, Binocular microscopes, Autoclave, pH meters, Vortexer, Micro and macro weighing balances, Micropipettes sets, Glassware, permanent slides etc. required for conducting the practicals. Out of four laboratories LAB A, LAB B, Hons LAB is fully devoted to practicals like Metabolism, Plant Physiology, Plant Diversity, Biotechnology, Genetics, Reproductive Biology, Anatomy, Ecology and many more. Recently Bioinformatics Laboratory was added in the department and well equipped with computers and software required for performing the bioinformatics practical.


The Departmental museum has a rich collection of preserved specimens required for study of plant diversity in theory as well as practical classes. The museum consists of preserved specimens in liquid form and dried herbarium. There are collections of many specimens which are specifically devoted for Economic botany practical.

Tissue Culture Facility-

The Department has a well-equipped completely sterilized tissue culture laboratory. The laboratory has a laminar flow, autoclave, culture trolley, maintained light and temperature conditions and other essentials required for tissue culture.

Botanical Garden-

For routine practical classes fresh plant material is required and for that Department is having a well-maintained Botanical Garden. In the Botanical Garden various plants are available for practicals like Systematics, Economic Botany, Genetics etc. The Botanical Garden also has a small pond which is used for study of aquatic plants as well as for conducting Ecology practical. A green house is also installed in the Botanical Garden where many plants are grown at controlled environmental conditions.

Staff Profile

Mr. Suresh Kumar

Laboratory Assistant

Date of Joining- 21/12/1988

MR. Ramesh Nagar

Laboratory Assistant

Date of Joining- 29/03/1993

Satish Kumar Chauhan

Laboratory Assistant

Date of Joining- 12/06/2006

Mr. Mahendra Pal

Laboratory Assistant

Date of Joining- 12/06/2006

Mr. Rambir Mann


Date of Joining-18/06/2009

Mr. Niraj

Laboratory Assistant

Date of Joining- 12/09/2019

Ms. Gitanjali

Laboratory Assistant

Date of Joining- 12/09/2019