The Department has well equipped, projector fitted, air conditioned four Laboratories, Museum, Culture room with tissue culture facility, and a Botanical garden.


Department of Botany having four laboratories, which are well maintained and equipped with all essentials required like PCR machine, Spectrophotometer, Gel Electrophoresis units (Horizontal), UV Transilluminator, BOD incubator, Plant growth chambers, Table Top Centrifuges, Binocular microscopes, Autoclave, pH meters, Vortexer, Micro and macro weighing balances, Micropipettes sets, Glassware, permanent slides etc. required for conducting the practicals. Out of four laboratories LAB A, LAB B, Hons LAB is fully devoted to practicals like Metabolism, Plant Physiology, Plant Diversity, Biotechnology, Genetics, Reproductive Biology, Anatomy, Ecology and many more. Recently Bioinformatics Laboratory was added in the department and well equipped with computers and software required for performing the bioinformatics practical.


The Departmental museum has a rich collection of preserved specimens required for study of plant diversity in theory as well as practical classes. The museum consists of preserved specimens in liquid form and dried herbarium. There are collections of many specimens which are specifically devoted for Economic botany practical.

Tissue Culture Facility-

The Department has a well-equipped completely sterilized tissue culture laboratory. The laboratory has a laminar flow, autoclave, culture trolley, maintained light and temperature conditions and other essentials required for tissue culture.

Botanical Garden-

For routine practical classes fresh plant material is required and for that Department is having a well-maintained Botanical Garden. In the Botanical Garden various plants are available for practicals like Systematics, Economic Botany, Genetics etc. The Botanical Garden also has a small pond which is used for study of aquatic plants as well as for conducting Ecology practical. A green house is also installed in the Botanical Garden where many plants are grown at controlled environmental conditions.

Plant Tissue Culture Research Facility

Associated Faculty: Dr. Rekha Kathal

Dr. Sunita George

The Plant Tissue Culture facility is well equipped in Department of Botany for the past 20 years to conduct practical experiments that focus on the micropropagation of rare medicinal plants and elite trees. The Tissue Culture Research Lab is mainly used for training the final year students to learn the technique of plant tissue culture by inoculating cells, tissues or organs from a plant and also for various research projects. Trained teachers and Lab staff help to carry out the work smoothly.

Culture Room with Horizontal Laminar – air - flow cabinet to raise in vitro Plant Tissue Cultures under sterile conditions, AC Room Thermometer, Hygrometer and Culture Rack Trolleys fitted with fluorescent lights and automatic timer.

Instrument cum Preparation Room with basic equipments like High Precision Digital Balance, pH meters, Orbital Shakers, Hot Plates, BOD, Ultra Centrifuge machines, Double Distillation Unit, Hot Air Oven, Vertical and Horizontal Autoclave, Refrigerator and Deep Freezer, Microtome, Simple, Compound, Dissection and High Resolution Microscopes with In-built Camera, Inverted Binocular

Separate Wash Area for washing and rinsing of glasswares.

Green House Facility with controlled conditions of light, humidity and temperature for establishment of in vitro grown plantlets in soil.

There is always scope for further improvement of Tissue Culture Research Facilities in the near future.

Glimpses of Tissue culture

Bioinformatic Biostatistics Lab